• Diva3:20
  • Try Again4:44
  • (Drop Dead) Beautiful featuring Sabi3:36
  • Closer3:48
  • Rock With U3:51
  • What's Your Name [Feat. Will.I.Am]3:58
  • Scream And Shout4:42
  • Radio3:38
  • Diva3:20
  • Strenght, Courage & Wisdom4:57


The Lyons decided to collaborate on a project that would benefit everyone. Empire's last episode showed the making of Jussie and Yazz's official video. The video geared towards equality, with creative vision from The Black Panthers and Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation." Tasha was one of the principle dancers for the video, and had the pleasure to work with choreographers/creative directors Rio Henderson and Jamaica Craft along with other talented dancers. Lee Daniels and Danny Strong did an amazing with Season 2 thus far. STAY TUNED for more! 

"I'm forever grateful for this experience of working with so many talent individuals and being around humble, good people."-Tasha B

Ming Lee, owner of Snob Life,is not only a beautiful woman inside and out but she is also an inspiring entrepreneur to many people taking on their dreams daily. Tasha B got to see all the hard work, and creativity that goes into anything that Ming Lee and her team get their hands into. Tasha actually got to be apart of the process in this outstanding promo video for Snob Life last year, 2014. 

"It was a very fun experience, and you can tell when you're working with professionals and they respect everyone's craft that is apart of the process... those are the type of people I want to work with at all times so I'm grateful for the opportunity." -Tasha B